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The Joy Of Knowledge Is Sharing It

We love to coach. Whether you’re looking for a basic grounding in Information Management, specialist training in a particular field or ongoing mentoring, we can help. Demystifying the complexity of our industry is one of the driving forces behind Equillian.

Our approach

When it comes to delivering effective IM training, we draw upon many years of experience helping organisations tackle their Information Management challenges. Our approach is based on real life problems, solutions that worked and valuable lessons learned. We bring Information Management to life, dispel some of the myths and provide practical steps that can be applied within your organisation.

Typical engagements

Training requirements can vary greatly between organisations, so understanding the culture of your company as well as the specific experience level and expectations of your staff is crucial. Whilst “standard” classroom-based training is available, we prefer to tailor our training to meet your specific needs.

Possibilities include:

  • High-level briefings aimed at senior executives, designed to highlight the importance of Information Management to your organisation
  • Introductory sessions providing your non-technical staff with an overview of Information Management and related disciplines
  • Focused courses on specific IM topics, such as Data Quality Management, aimed at those tasked with implementing parts of your IM programme
  • Informal “lunch and learn” sessions to help Information Management awareness and promote good practice across your user community
  • One-to-one mentoring of your key staff to improve their skills and effectiveness

By combining different elements, we can create an educational package that’s perfectly matched to your requirements, often for no more than the cost of many standard training courses. So if you prefer your training to be served à la carte, come and talk to us.