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Reputation Takes Years To Build, Forever To Repair

Data protection requires much more than a nicely worded policy. With our architecture-driven approach, you'll be able to demonstrate your commitment to treating personal data with the respect it deserves.

A Duty Of Care

We are entering a new era of tightening legislation regarding the capture, storage and use of personal data. In addition to increases in financial penalties from the regulators, individuals themselves are demanding more transparency and enhanced rights in relation to data protection.

From a compliance perspective, the driving force for organisations that handle data related to EU citizens is the arrival of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will apply from 25 May 2018. Adherence to current data protection legislation is certainly a good starting point, but GDPR raises the bar considerably and organisations that fail to adequately prepare for the changes ahead will be taking on far more risk than under the previous regime.

More than anything, reputational risk will become the driving force worldwide as negative publicity increases and customers eschew the headline-makers in favour of those companies that demonstrate a genuine commitment to data protection.

Preparing For GDPR

Ensuring compliance with any new data-related regulations is always a challenge. The traditional approach focuses on documenting and communicating corporate policy across your organisation and helping individual business units implement  their action plans. This provides overall direction and a mandate for change.

However, when it comes to data protection is that enough? How can you be sure your policies are working? Simple – you need a complementary approach that gets under the covers of your organisation to understand what's really happening with the data. Without this crucial understanding, neither the complexity of the current data landscape nor the size of the GDPR challenge can be assessed.

An Architecture-Driven Approach

Our innovative architecture-driven approach to data protection combines our established expertise in Data Architecture with a risk assessment tuned to the particular requirements of GDPR. We'll work with your policy-makers and legal counsel to ensure you adequately prepare for the changes ahead by providing:

A clear, concise and meaningful picture of what personal data is captured, where it is stored and how it is disseminated to other parts of your organisation and beyond

An objective assessment of the level of risk associated with this data landscape and where your future efforts should be focused

A reusable methodology that can be applied to other types of data that are subject to strict compliance or associated with a high degree of risk

Just enough visibility of the way forward, helping to inform your GDPR action plans without committing more budget than necessary

If you're committed to taking data protection seriously, come and talk to us – our architecture-driven approach is already helping organisations lower risk and increase confidence as they prepare for GDPR. You can find out more by downloading our free guide below.