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The Theory Of Everything: Is It Time To Rethink DM?

21 JUNE 2016, ONLINE

Equillian's Jon Evans explores traditional approaches to Data Management and challenges us to think differently in this one hour webinar brought to you by DATAVERSITY, in partnership with DAMA International.

With the arrival of big data, data science and the internet of things, you could be forgiven for thinking that our sophistication with data is advancing at a phenomenal rate, and from a technical perspective you’d be right. But has our mindset, especially within the data management profession, kept pace with the realities of our digital world?

In this thought-provoking session, let’s challenge the conventional wisdom about data management and explore whether we need to start thinking differently. In particular,

  • Does the language of data management serve to clarify or just confuse?
  • Have we developed a coherent set of best practice or a collection of functional silos?
  • Big or small, structured or unstructured, master or transactional – isn’t data just data?


21 June 2016 (1100 Pacific, 1400 Eastern, 1900 UK)




This is one of a season of webinars brought to you by DATAVERSITY in partnership with DAMA International. To register your attendance click here.