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Data Quality Training (Two-Day Course)

23 & 24 MARCH 2017, SINGAPORE

Equillian continues the Enterprise Information Management Series, in partnership with MgDelxis, with two days of industry leading Data Quality training facilitated by one of the world's most sought after experts.

Today, more than ever, the quality of business data, underpinned by a robust approach to Data Quality Management, is critical to the success of every organisation: high quality data enables good decision making and efficient business processes; poor quality data increases risk and reduces compliance. Unfortunately, Data Quality is a topic that is still impenetrable to many people through the use of unfamiliar jargon and too much emphasis on technology.

In this two-day course, Equillian's Jon Evans redresses the balance, by taking delegates on a journey from first principles right through to advice on establishing a Data Quality Programme. Along the way, both beginners and those already familiar with the topic will benefit from a business-focused approach, based on industry best practice coupled with many years of experience helping organisations tackle their Data Quality challenges.

Course Outline


1. Data Quality Management in Context

2. The Truth About Data Quality

3. The People Side of Data Quality

4. Monitoring Data Quality

5. Improving Data Quality

6. Data Quality Tools & Technology

7. Driving Forward With Data Quality


23 & 24 March 2017


Singapore (venue to be confirmed)


MgDelxis' Enterprise Information Management Series brings you two days of industry leading Data Quality training facilitated by Equillian's Jon Evans. To find out more about this invaluable opportunity to learn from one of the world's most sought after experts, contact us or download the brochure below. You might also be interested in our Data Strategy training taking place on 21 & 22 March.